Custom Auto-Configuration in SpringBoot

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The goal of this blog is to understand the autoconfiguration provided by SpringBoot. I’ll be creating a logging library for demo purpose and that will include Auto-Configuration class to create all required beans for that library.

Technologies used

  • Java 11
  • Spring Boot 2.2.4
  • Gradle 6.0.1

Project Structure

Alt Text

I’m using a Gradle multi-module project. The module logging-library will be a shared library that will be used in the service module.

Create config classes

Now It’s time to create required config classes. I’ve created a config class called LoggingAutoConfiguration and marked as @Configuration and created one conditional bean.

public class LoggingAutoConfiguration {

    // We can define beans here

    public Logger getLogger() {
        return new ConsoleLogger();

As of now this class is just a normal spring configuration and to make it auto-configuration class we need to follow 2 steps:

Step 1: Create spring.factories file

Create a file inlogging-library with name spring.factories under resources\META-INF\ directory.

Step 2: Register the auto-config class

Now add your configuration class into the spring.factories.


That’s it!!!

Now we can inject the module in service and we don’t need to specify any package to scan from logging-library our auto-configuration class will take care of that.

Alt Text

You can find the running code here